Who We Are

Welcome to August Onset. We provide premium quality organic candles and products. Our products are made with 100% all natural soy wax and all natural ingredients that are infused with essential oils. We are committed to delivering quality products that are individually handcrafted and packaged, and pride ourselves on creating a line of the best scents. We appreciate all of our customers business and support and hope that our scents bring calm, peace and positive vibes. 

Story Behind The Name

The month of August has a lot of significance for the minds behind August Onset. The founders started dating in August, and got married in August. With August being the eighth month of the year, and eight being the couple's lucky number, it was only right that this month was incorporated in the name of their brand. Onset represents a new chapter, and for the couple, it was also the beginning of their romance and an exciting journey ahead. August Onset is all about the beginning of something new and starting a new chapter with great energy, which they strive to show through their products.